Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SJ Photoshoot

We went up to LA the other day to help them style our photo shoot for their online site. Here are a few pics we took behind the scenes....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sabra and Nicole

Heres two lovely ladies at a wedding both wearing their SCF pieces...Nicole in her GINSBERG DRESS and Sabra in her ANTIQUE BLOUSE... looking so classy and beautiful! xx


Monday, June 21, 2010


This is Stephanie- she has a few SCF pieces. Here she is in her DE CRUE SHAWL...lookin ready for summer! xx

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Heres Britt, she stopped by our new studio today to do a little shopping. She went home with an ALICE B TOKLAS DRESS, DRIFTER BLOUSE AND A GAUCHO PONCHO. How cute does she look ?! xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who What Wear

Check out Cyd in her ROSE DHARMA DRESS and COWBOY CLUTCH Style Stalked on Junes Who What Wear Daily Style Stalker Section. yahooo!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Westerly Boutique

Watch Westerly Boutiques video that mentions SCF as a good date outfit...take note :)

Oops! I'm Cute. from Westerly CDM on Vimeo.

Corridor 40

Inspired by taxidermy, Native American culture, soft fabrics and Jane Birkin, LA-based Stone Cold Fox is behind vintage-look pieces with a modern twist. Focused on quality over quantity, California natives and longtime BFFs Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand create handmade clothing with a laid-back aesthetic. They describe the feel of their brand as “a little Victorian, a little western and a little gypsy,“ and their customer as “a free-spirited gypsy girl…[who] likes to have a good time and enjoys old tunes. She’s self-aware and doesn’t try too hard.”

The duo’s sophomore collection, titled “Gypsy Decay”, is full of luxurious fabrics like velvet, lace and silk. Personally, I love the black lace bell-bottoms and back-exposing tops. -Katie Conran


This is Camille, we met her wayyy back in the day at Pratt in Brooklyn. Here she is sporting her new DRIFTER BLOUSE looking unbelievably fashionable!

A Little Blurb on Why Were Cool...

Stone_Cold_Fox is a small company, that works out of their home. They are a new company coming out of Southern California, that no one has seen before. Projecting a coastal girl style in a new light, by mixing it with a 70’s street aesthetic. Changing the way people view certain fashions, ie ; velvet all year round and no use of outrageous colors or prints. They capture a laid back style that appeals to women who don’t try to hard but still look fashionable and unique. The SCF girl stands out for her personal take on fashion and is a confident free spirited person. She shows the right amount of sexiness in a classy way of dress. Stone_Cold_Fox strives to make each garment timeless and avoids the word “trendy”. By letting you purchase any piece from a previous or current collection, Stone_Cold_Fox will never be in the goodwill pile. Each item is hand made and fabricated to a high quality level. Washed silks, and burnouts are always a collection staple, and the appliqu├ęs and laces are one of a kind. SCF believes good things are worth waiting for, that’s why every piece is made-to-order and specializes in personal fittings. Just debuting their second story collection and new website, SCF is on its way to becoming that hidden lifestyle brand that you will want to know about.
Gypsy Decay, the 2010 collection was designed throughout their recent travels to Bali, this collection plays with the idea of decay, naturalism, taxidermy stores and things left behind when you die. It takes a dark subject, and lightens it with tonal color blocking and texture. Their main muse was an archaic gypsy. SCF is avoiding fast fashion, by not only letting you buy previous collections, but telling stories with each new inspiration. The latest collection has 27 items, 18 looks and debuts their first accessory. The Cowboy Clutch. They plan to keep their small vibe, but expanding into men’s and home wear eventually.


Heres one of the playboy twins sporting her HUSK SHAWL getting ready to go on a big talk show. Great way to add a little color!


Heres some great photos our stylist love Channing O'neil took of the JE T'AIME DRESS, BARDOT DRESS AND GODARD DRESS. Cute outfits!

seneca rising( the hills 1) 030.JPG
seneca rising( the hills 1) 022.JPG
seneca rising( the hills 1) 020.JPG

Kristin Cavallari

Here's K.Cav again pairing her DE CRUE SHAWL with some hot leather shorts workin' it on the red carpet! Way to get the comfy sexy look going xx